Rainmaker Insights’ extensive database of rental data is available through a sophisticated set of APIs. Each API accesses processed raw data from the Rainmaker Insights Active Rental Listing Data Bank – all data is updated in near real time. The API feeds are seamlessly delivered to your application or website via HTTP request.

Get Properties

Retrieves rental lists for a given location (property name, geo-code parameter, city, state, radius, zip code)

Get Property ID

Retrieves rental listing information for a given property ID

Get Properties by Bounding Box

Retrieves rental listing information for a given geo-box (e.g. top | bottom, latitude | longitude)

Get Floor Plans for a Property

Retrieves floor plans for a given property ID

Rainmaker Insights Labs ( Coming Soon )

We are continuously developing new and innovative APIs. Check out Rainmaker Insights Labs to find out what we are working on and feel free to make API requests.